In-Container home directory configuration

There are a number of reasons that your web container home directory may need custom configuration. You may want your normal git configuration in there, or a composer auth.json, etc.

On ddev start, ddev attempts to create a user inside the web and db containers with the same name and use id as the one you have on the host.

If your project has a .ddev/homeadditions directory, its contents will be copied recursively into the in-container home directory during ddev start.

Usage examples:

  • If you make git commits inside the container, you may want to copy your ~/.gitconfig into .ddev/homeadditions so that use of git inside the container will use your regular username and email, etc.
  • If you use private password-protected composer repositories with satis, for example, and use a global auth.json, you might want to cp ~/.composer/auth.json into .ddev/homeadditions/.composer/auth.json, but be careful that you exclude it from checking using a .gitignore or equivalent.
  • Some people have specific configuration needs for their .ssh/config. If you provide your own .ddev/homeadditions/.ssh/config though, please make sure it includes these lines:

    UserKnownHostsFile=/home/.ssh-agent/known_hosts StrictHostKeyChecking=no

  • If you have a favorite .bashrc, copy it in.

  • If you like the traditional ll bash alias for ls -l, add a .ddev/homeadditions/.bash_aliases with these contents:

    alias ll="ls -lhA"


  • Absolute symlinks inside .ddev/homeadditions won't work because they can't be resolved inside the container.