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Acquia Integration

ddev provides integration with the Acquia Cloud Platform, which allows Acquia users to quickly download and provision a project from Acquia in a local ddev-managed environment.

ddev's Acquia integration pulls database and files from an existing project into your local system so you can develop locally.

Acquia Quickstart

  1. Get your Acquia API token from your Account Settings->API Tokens.
  2. Make sure your ssh key is authorized on your Acquia account at Account Settings->SSH Keys
  3. ddev auth ssh (this typically needs only be done once per ddev session, not every pull.)
  4. Add / update the web_environment section in ~/.ddev/global_config.yaml with the API keys:
- ACQUIA_API_KEY=xxxxxxxx
  1. Copy .ddev/providers/acquia.yaml.example to .ddev/providers/acquia.yaml.
  2. Update the project_id and database corresponding to the environment you want to work with.
  3. If you have acli install, you can use the following command: acli remote:aliases:list
  4. Or, on the Acquia Cloud Platform navigate to the environments page, click on the header and look for the "SSH URL" line. E.g. would have a project ID of
  5. Your project must include drush; ddev composer require drush/drush if it isn't there already.
  6. ddev restart
  7. Use ddev pull acquia to pull the project database and files.
  8. Optionally use ddev push acquia to push local files and database to Acquia. Note that ddev push is a command that can potentially damage your production site, so this is not recommended.


ddev pull acquia will connect to the Acquia Cloud Platform to download database and files. To skip downloading and importing either file or database assets, use the --skip-files and --skip-db flags.

Last update: August 24, 2022