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GitHub Self-Hosted Agent Setup

We are using GitHub Self-Hosted Agents for Windows and macOS testing. The build machines and agents must be set up before use.

Windows Agent Setup

  1. Create the user “testbot” on the machine. Use the password for, available in 1Password.
  2. In admin PowerShell, Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope "CurrentUser" -ExecutionPolicy "RemoteSigned".
  3. In admin Powershell, download and run windows_buildkite_start.ps1 with curl <url> -O windows_buildkite_start.ps1.
  4. After restart, in administrative Git Bash window, Rename-Computer <testbot-win10(home|pro)-<description>-1.
  5. Now download and run
  6. Launch Docker. It may require you to take further actions.
  7. Log into Chrome with the user ddevtestbot and enable Chrome Remote Desktop.
  8. Enable gd, fileinfo, and curl extensions in /c/tools/php*/php.ini.
  9. If a laptop, set the “lid closing” setting in settings to do nothing.
  10. Set the “Sleep after time” setting in settings to never.
  11. Install winaero tweaker and “Enable user autologin checkbox”. Set up the machine to automatically log in on boot. Then run netplwiz, provide the password for the main user, uncheck the “require a password to log in”.
  12. Add the path C:\Program Files\git\bin to the very front of the system environment variables. Otherwise Windows will try to use its own bash.exe or PowerShell.
  13. Install the GitHub self-hosted runner software using the “Add New” instructions on When it asks if you want it as a service: yes, you do.
  14. Run .buildkite/ to check your work.
  15. Reboot the machine and do a test run. (On Windows, the machine name only takes effect on reboot.)