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Remote Config

DDEV supports downloading a remote config from the ddev/remote-config GitHub repository with messages that will be shown to the user. This feature could be enhanced later with more information and configuration.



The defined messages are shown to the user every interval as long as not disabled (interval=0). Supported message types are infos and warnings where infos are printed in a yellow box and warnings in a red box.

Messages will be shown as configured in the remote-config repository and the user cannot influence them.


Messages rotate, with one shown to the user every interval as long as it’s not disabled (interval=0).

The user can disable the ticker or change the interval in the global config.

Conditions and Versions

Every message can optionally include a condition and version constraint to limit the message to matching conditions and DDEV versions.

Each element in the conditions array may contain a condition listed by ddev debug message-conditions. It may be prefixed by a ! to negate the condition. All conditions must be met in order for a message to be displayed. Unknown conditions are always met.

The field versions may contain a version constraint which must be met by the current version of DDEV. More information about the supported constraints can be found in the Masterminds SemVer repository.


While running tests a GitHub token maybe required to avoid rate limits and can be provided with the DDEV_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.

Last update: August 17, 2023