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Additional Services

Additional Service Configurations for ddev

DDEV-Local projects can be extended to provide additional add-ons, including services. This is achieved by adding docker-compose files to a project's .ddev directory that defines the added add-on(s).

If you need a service not provided here, see Defining an additional service with Docker Compose

Although anyone can create their own services with a .ddev/docker-compose.*.yaml file, a growing number of services are supported and tested and can be installed with the ddev get command starting with DDEV v1.19.0+.

You can see available supported and tested add-ons with the command ddev get --list. To see all possible add-ons (not necessarily supported or tested), use ddev get --list --all.

For example,

ddev get --list
│ ADD-ON                    │ DESCRIPTION                                      │
│ drud/ddev-memcached       │ Install memcached as an extra service in ddev*   │
│ drud/ddev-beanstalkd      │ beanstalkd for ddev*                             │
│ drud/ddev-drupal9-solr    │ Drupal 9 Apache Solr installation for DDEV*      │
│ drud/ddev-elasticsearch   │ Elasticsearch add-on for DDEV*                   │
│ drud/ddev-redis-commander │ Redis commander for use with ddev redis service* │
│ drud/ddev-redis           │ redis service for ddev*                          │

Here are some of the add-ons that are officially supported:

Creating an additional service for ddev get

Anyone can create an add-on for ddev get (see screencast and instructions in ddev-addon-template):

  1. Click "Use this template" on ddev-addon-template.
  2. Create a new repository
  3. Test it and preferably make sure it has valid tests in tests.bats.
  4. When it's working and tested, create a release.
  5. Add the label ddev-get and a good short description to the repository on GitHub.
  6. When you're ready for the add-on to become official, open an issue in the DDEV issue queue requesting upgrade to official. You'll be expected to maintain it of course, and subscribe to all activity and be responsive to questions.

Additional services in ddev-contrib (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, etc)

Commonly used services will be migrated from the ddev-contrib repository to individual, tested, supported repositories, but
ddev-contrib repository has a wealth of additional examples and instructions:

Your PRs to integrate other services are welcome at ddev-contrib.

Last update: 2022-03-23