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Custom TLS Certificates

It’s possible to use “real” TLS certificates issued by a CA rather than the local-development-oriented mkcert command.

  1. Obtain a certificate and key from Let’s Encrypt or another source.
  2. Install the certificate and key in your project’s .ddev/custom_certs directory.
  3. If you’re using the default Traefik (router: traefik), the files should be named <projectname>.crt and <projectname>.key, for example exampleproj.crt and exampleproj.key.
  4. If you’re using the legacy nginx-proxy router (router: nginx-proxy) , each certificate must be named with the pattern fqdn.crt and fqdn.key. A project named, for example, would need and in .ddev/custom_certs. There must be one cert-set for each FQDN handled by the project.
  5. Run ddev start and verify using a browser that you’re using the right certificate.