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CMS-Specific Topics

CMS-Specific Help and Techniques

Drupal Specifics

  • Settings Files: By default, DDEV will create settings files for your project that make it "just work" out of the box. It creates a sites/default/settings.ddev.php and adds an include in sites/default/settings.php to bring that in. There are guards to prevent the settings.ddev.php from being active when the project is not running under DDEV, but it still should not be checked in and is gitignored.

TYPO3 Specifics

  • Settings Files: On ddev start, DDEV creates a public/typo3conf/AdditionalConfiguration.php with database configuration in it.

Setup a Base Variant (since TYPO3 9.5)

Since TYPO3 9.5 you have to setup a Site Configuration for each site you like to serve. To be able to browse the site on your local environment you have to setup a Base Variant in your Site Configuration depending on your local context. In this example we assume a Application Context Development/DDEV which can be set in the DDEV's config.yaml:

- TYPO3_CONTEXT=Development/DDEV

This variable will be available after the project start or restart.

Afterwards add a Base Variant to your Site Configuration:

    base: ''
    condition: 'applicationContext == "Development/DDEV"'

See also TYPO3 Documentation.

Running any PHP App with DDEV

Nearly any PHP app will run fine with DDEV, and lots of others. If your project type is not one of the explicitly supported project types, that's fine. Just set the project type to 'php' and go about setting up settings files or .env as you normally would.

Last update: 2022-03-22